Lionhead Sheds Light on Its Canceled Adventure Game InkQuest

Lionhead Studios, the developer behind iconic game franchises like Black & White and Fable, has pulled back the curtain on an adventure game that will sadly never make its way to consumers.

The (now canceled) game was dubbed InkQuest and starred a girl named Sophie who finds herself trapped within a book called the Inkwell. Naturally, it becomes the player's goal to help her escape the magical world. According to the studio, "it was part magical map, part audio book, part adventure game," and "the concept was expanded further and built into a more robust, playable prototype."

For a better idea of what InkQuest could have been, check out the developer-made video below.

Man, this game looks so charming. Is anyone else as distraught as I am that Lionhead decided to cancel it?

[Lionhead Studios]