Visceral Had to Convince EA to Delay Battlefield Hardline

Believe it or not, it took a bit of convincing for Electronic Arts to delay Visceral Games' upcoming first-person shooter. 

According to Battlefield Hardline creative director Ian Milham, the team really wants to do its fans right and make a quality product, so the studio went to its publisher and worked to get EA to allow them more time. Apparently Visceral's request was met with a bit of friction.

"I mean we just want to make cool games and that's all we care about or want to do. And there is a whole universe of other stuff going on: What other things does EA have coming out? What other games are coming out?" he told IGN.

"Like this had nothing to do with release windows or competition or any of that kind of stuff. But those are things in the world," Milham added. "So of course there was a lot of ‘Grr, well I don’t know we got to figure this out, this is a pretty big deal are you sure?’ But as we talked it out, it became pretty clear that it was the right thing to do, so they were onboard."

Battlefield Hardline was supposed to launch in October, but has since been pushed to 2015.