There Isn’t Room for Another Generation of Consoles After PS4 and Xbox One, Says Analyst

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter doesn't believe dedicated consoles will be around much longer. In fact, he recently went so far as to say that this generation of traditional gaming hardware could very well be the last, thanks to advancements in technology that now allow us to stream content via devices like Apple TV and Chromecast.

"I actually don't think there is room for a next generation of consoles after this one," Pachter said during an interview on the latest episode of Gamertag Radio

He then addressed Nintendo, a company that undoubtedly marches to the beat of its own drum, adding that while the Big N may release a successor to Wii U, it won't do well. "Sure, Nintendo will launch one within the next two or three years. It'll fail. I'm not sure Microsoft or Sony will launch one in the next five or six because you're going to see this new wave of playing games become a big deal."

Let's also not forget that just a few weeks ago, Mr. Pachter also made an argument for the Big N getting out of the hardware business entirely.

Could we truly be on the cusp of the death of the dedicated game console? Are smaller set-top streaming boxes and smartphones going to take over the gaming industry?