Steam Deck 2 Confirmed, Steam Controller 2 Also Likely

The Steam Deck 2 has been confirmed, along with the likely release of the Steam Controller 2. This is according to Steam Deck designers Pierre-Loup Griffais and Lawrence Yang in an interview. The sequel to the Steam Deck has been hinted at by Valve multiple times, with the company previously stating that the handheld is a “multi-generational product.”

A ‘Steam Deck Pro’ release is unlikely

For Steam Deck 2, both Yang and Griffais will focus primarily on the console’s “screen and battery life,” two pain points that they have identified on the original Steam Deck in an interview with The Verge.

They also want to focus on releasing a Steam Controller 2 and said that it’s just a matter “of how and when” they’ll launch the hardware. While they are focusing on the Deck first and foremost, they may work with a third-party or explore options to build the next Steam Controller themselves.

The designers also rejected notions of a possible ‘Steam Deck Pro,’ similar to the PS4 Pro console, that would help bridge the gap between the Steam Deck and Steam Deck 2. Griffais says that right now “there’s a lot of value for having one spec” and that both users and developers currently benefit from needing to understand only one specific performance level from the Steam Deck.

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