Check Out Bayonetta 2’s Amazing Star Fox Easter Egg

Platinum Games has tucked an incredibly awesome Easter egg within its upcoming Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2. If you don't want the surprised SPOILED for yourself, I suggest you click away now.

In chapter Chapter 16, if you're wearing the Fox McCloud costume during the level's aerial section, you'll transform into an Arwing. Yup, an Arwing. Check it out below.

Bayonetta 2 includes a bunch of Nintendo-themed costumes for fans to enjoy, including Samus, Peach, and the aforementioned Fox McCloud. 

Will you be picking up Platinum Games' action-packed Wii U exclusive when it hits store shelves on October 24? I may have to buy Bayonetta 2 if only to experience the Arwing Easter egg. I reckon it's worth it, right?