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Forspoken Review Codes Not Sent Out to Multiple Outlets by Square Enix

Multiple gaming websites have revealed they have not received Forspoken review codes ahead of its review embargo on Monday, January 23, as concerns mount over the Square Enix game’s quality.

Staff members from various gaming sites, along with prominent YouTube games critic Skill Up, have revealed that they haven’t received code for the game, despite reviews set to go live just one day before its January 24 release date. Many have spoken out about the lack of codes, with Skill Up calling it a “huge red flag.”

Forspoken reviews will be limited ahead of its release date

The lack of Forspoken review codes was first discussed by VGC’s Andy Robinson, who called the decision to not give the outlet review code an “extremely rare occurence,” adding: “read into it how you like.”

Skill Up, one of the most prominent and respected game review channels on YouTube, also stated that they had “heard from (or about) 7 major outlets/reviewers who did not get review code for this.”

The Escapist’s Editor-in-Chief Nick Calandra followed suit:

While Windows Central’s Jez Corden also revealed they hadn’t received a code either:

Review codes may not be distributed to outlets for a variety of reasons that aren’t always related to a game’s quality. Some may be overlooked due to the size of their site, their lack of a relationship with the PR company handling the review, or general issues the company distributing the code has with the outlet.

However, multiple outlets not receiving code inevitably leads to concerns, especially when many came away from Forspoken’s demo disappointed. With a recent YouTube leak showing the first hour of gameplay and spoilers already out in the wild, there hasn’t been a great deal of positive press circling this PS5 console exclusive ahead of its release.

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