The Sims 4 Will Receive Three Content Patches Absolutely Free

As I mentioned in my review for The Sims 4, the community feedback (if I'm putting this lightly) has been overwhelming, and the number of complaints about the absence of several notable features like pools, public service careers, and ghosts are a talking record at this point.

Plenty of fans realistically felt that EA was selling an incomplete game mainly because of future DLC plans, but luckily today, EA Maxis has announced that there will be three content patches that will remedy the situation by the end of year and all of them will be free.

The first free October patch, which is already available today, will add ghosts back into the series. Dead Sims keep all of their attributes as they did before, but will come with special behaviors depending on how they died. (Mine died due to a cow plant… it's a long story.) Ghost Sims will be roaming around town as well and can become playable characters. There might be a way to revive them as well, apart from perhaps the Poetic perk from the Writer aspiration.

The October patch also comes with the Star Wars Costume Set (where is the Mass Effect costume set?) where you'll get costumes based off Luke, Leia, Darth, and even Yoda, all perfect for those rocket missions into space. There are several new eye colors as well.

Pools will arrive once again in the November patch, and new Career paths and rewards by way of the Put-Your-Sims-To-Work Month will arrive in the December patch. Well, good on you, EA Maxis. Better late than never!