Just Dance 2015 Aims to Stop Bullying in October

Just Dance has somehow provided hundreds of dance tunes to millions of gamers all around the world, probably thanks to its relatively easy-to-grasp controls, though Ubisoft hopes to use it as a platform to stop bullying in National Bullying Prevention Month this October.

Just Dance 2015 and STOMP Out Bullying "will support the bullying and cyberbullying prevention movement" in order to tell kids that "It's okay to dance to your own beat!"

CEO of STOMP Out Bullying, Ross Ellis, said of the team-up that "We must make every effort to educate our youth about the issue of bullying and its effects. Students need to understand that although we are different in the way we look, our sexual orientation and race, that we must celebrate others' differences. We are delighted to partner with Just Dance and work together so that our youths are safe."

Carrie Bischke, director of brand partnerships at Ubisoft said that the company knows "that teens are one of the groups most impacted by bullying and cyberbullying" and likely that the demographic makes up a large portion of Just Dance's consumer base. "Just Dance is uniquely positioned to get the word out about anti-bullying. It's a cause that's important to us as a brand and as individuals so we're proud to be teaming up with STOMP Out Bullying to encourage people everywhere to dance to the beat of their own drum."

For more information, check out StomOutBullying.org.