Support Xenosaga HD Remake With Operation Kos-Mos

Back on September 11, Katsuhiro Harada tweeted a long post concerning the almost overwhelming fan response for an Xenosaga HD collection, but the response he's looking for needs to be from a broader fanbase:

I do understand your feeling to "tweet every day until the day Xenosaga HD collection comes real".

However, what I need in order to achieve your dream, is not to have tweets from the "same person" sent to me every day… ​Although I do understand the deep love for the game, more than that, the cheers from as many "unique users" as possible is what is needed.

Digging further, I will not be able to believe comments like "I'll buy 100 copies!". Most companies will not believe in it. It is not realistic for one person to tweet 100 times every day, or buy 100 copies alone.

Thus in response, Operation Kos-mos has begun on Facebook, Twitter, and the following petition which at the time of this writing has 3,890 signatures. We need more signatures in order to reach the goal of 5,000. I've also shared a picture of my Xenosaga collection below, so please Harada-san, add this to the list of supporters.