New Assassin’s Creed Book Offers the Abstergo Employee Handbook for Your Perusal

While you might wonder whether someone developing Assassin's Creed games has enjoyed the experience or not, Ubisoft and Insight Editions would rather let you know how it goes around the Abstergo Entertainment offices, the fictional company responsible for the Animus platform in-game.

Assassin's Creed Unity: Abstergo Entertainment: Employee Handbook: Case File 44412 not only has four colons in its title, it also provides an inside look at "the working lives of employees within Abstergo Industries, the company behind the technology that allows characters to experience a subject's genetic memory."

We previously looked at a few fantastic coffee table books from Insight Editions, notably The Dark Knight Manual, so it's good to see that the company promises readers will find "Abstergo research, data, and confidential files" within the Assassin's Creed-themed handbook. "Assassin's Creed Unity: Abstergo Entertainment: Employee Handbook also features artifacts that tie directly into the historical narrative of the latest installment."

Insight Editions will also attend New York Comic Con this weekend, so look for them at booth #1869 if you're attending the show. Don't forget to read our hands-on preview of Assassin's Creed Unity too!