Donkey Kong Country and Land Trilogies Coming to Virtual Console

Donkey Kong fans in Europe have plenty of retro gaming goodness to look forward to, as Nintendo of Europe has announced that during the month of October, all three Donkey Kong Country games as well as the trilogy of Land titles are coming to the Virtual Console in the region.

On Thursday, the original Donkey Kong Country as well as Donkey Kong Land will be available for purchase at £5.49 and £3.59, respectively. The sequels will be available on October 23, while the trilogy-cappers are coming on October 30. As one would suspect, the DKC games will be available on Wii U, while the handheld trilogy is coming to 3DS.

The Donkey Kong Country series got its start on the Super Nintendo, where it saw three entries. It wasn't until the Wii era that we saw a revitalization of the popular Rareware platformer, courtesy of Retro Studios, with Donkey Kong Country Returns. The latest entry for Wii U, subtitled Tropical Freeze, will be discounted to £26.74 on the eShop if you purchase any of the aforementioned SNES classics.

On the handheld front, purchasing any of the Donkey Kong Land titles, which originally launched on Game Boy, will allow you to grab Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the discounted price of £23.44. The promotion ends on November 6.

really hope this wave of releases comes to North America soon. I'm sure I'm not alone here, right? Feel free to share your love for the DKC franchise with the rest of the GR community in the comments below.