Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze on Switch to Cost More Than Its Wii U Launch Price

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is coming to Nintendo Switch. The only problem with that? It’s being anchored with a price point that is up to 10% greater than its release-day price on the Wii U. From 2014.  Nintendo’s official listing for the title prices it up with selected retailers at $59.99. That, too, is the price it’s going for on Amazon. All this despite the Wii U version launching at the lower price $49.99 four years ago. As of writing, UK and EU prices have not been confirmed.

While Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze will add more features, including a Cranky Kong mode, when it arrives on Switch on May 4, one has to wonder why Nintendo are choosing to forgo a cut-price option (as is ordinarily the case for remasters and ports) in favour of charging full whack for a game that came out in the same year as The Stick of Truth. The South Park game’s Xbox One and PS4 remaster is $30/£20, in case you were wondering.

It’d be great to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the prices are recommended and will instantly fall on release. It’s possible. Also, those prices aren’t final.

You’d hope that’s the case, otherwise it’s looking like a case of bizarre pricing yet again from the Japanese company. Other than gold, Nintendo products seem to be the only commodity that scarcely drops in value, so don’t expect it to come down in price anytime soon should it release at the full RRP.

Either way, anyone looking to get their Donkey Kong fill on Switch (and missed out on the game the first go around) will have to fork over the equivalent of a Far Cry 5 or God of War. That just looks bad.