The Division 2 Announced, Uses Updated Version of Snowdrop Engine

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has been officially announced, with Massive Entertainment leading the development of the game. The Division 2 will be powered using an updated version of the impressive Snowdrop Engine, which will apparently help Massive “realize [their] ambitions for the title.” In the press release announcing The Division 2, Massive made it clear that community feedback played a big role in improving the original game, and helping to shape the sequel. The developers are going to “invest all the experience [they’ve] accumulated over the past two years in this sequel to make sure everything is going well.”

Massive Entertainment will be collaborating with other studios for The Division 2‘s development. Ubisoft Annecy, Redstorm, Reflections, Ubisoft Bucharest, and Ubisoft Shanghai, have all been named as having an impact on the upcoming game.


In addition to announcing The Division 2, Massive also revealed that the original game will be getting two more title updates. These will introduce new “Global Events,” which will feature more Legendary difficulty missions, as well as an Xbox One X update to make the game’s version of New York City look even more incredible in both 4K and 1080p.

Beginning June 2018, players will also be able to take part in “Crests.” These are “specific achievements that allow [players] to unlock The Division 2 rewards.”

Expect to hear more about The Division 2 at E3 2018.