Ubisoft: Resolution Doesn’t Sell Consoles

Ubisoft's Alex Hutchinson, creative director on the upcoming open-world shooter Far Cry 4, recently weighed in with his thoughts on all the chatter regarding resolution, and, believe it or not, he doesn't understand why everyone is making such a big deal about it.

"It's certainly not something I care about in a game," Hutchinson told OXM. "It feels weird to me that people are cool about playing a sort of retro pixel game, and yet the resolution somehow matters. It's like: is it fun, is it interesting, is it new, is it fresh, are there interesting questions?

"With the 4K TVs and things – somebody was telling me that with a 4K TV, to even see it, your living room has to be big enough to sit like 12 feet from the screen," he added. "I don't know the exact numbers, but it starts to get a little crazy. I'm just in it for the experience, I'll play a SNES game if it's cool."

With PlayStation 4 offering more third-party games at 1080p than the competition, it makes one wonder: is the resolution disparity the reason Sony is finding so much success in the console market right now? Hutchinson doesn't seem to think so.

"It's a rare question for you to ask now about resolution or something," the Ubi director continued. "It's [only brought up] because of the disparity, the idea that one version is being held back. I don't think that has sold consoles for a while now. I think experiences have been selling them, and that's your challenge, if you don't have a new cool experience, or a social experience – like Call of Duty sells consoles, even though art-wise, it's not exactly… like Call of Duty to Crytek's games, one sells a metric s**t-ton and the other doesn't."

Where do you weigh in on the resolution debate? Is 1080p really that important?