Bleszinski: “Gaming Still Feels Like Hollywood’s Pimply Kid Brother”

Cliff Bleszinski, famed Gears of War creator and current head of indie development studio Boss Key Productions, is tired of seeing games chase after Hollywood in an attempt to emulate movies. 

In a tweet that references the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that says, "Transcends the line between game and film," Bleszinki said, "Stop with this shit. Games shouldn't aspire to be movies."

In a follow-up post, he added, "That said, Advanced Warfare does look really fun. Movies are not games, though, stop with the comparisons, folks. Insecure much?" He then concluded his Twitter tirade by saying, "I really need to get around to writing that blog about how gaming still feels like Hollywood's pimply kid brother and how that's bullshit."

How do you feel about the industry's attempt to blur the distinction between movies and games? Where does the line between narrative-heavy games end and movie wannabes start?