New Documentary Details Development Process Behind Halo 2’s Visual Upgrade in The Master Chief Collection

Microsoft and the team at 343 Industries have prepared a brand new documentary detailing the ways development has enhanced and changed the spirit of Halo 2, particularly since it now joins Halo: Combat Evolved with its own "Anniversary" version in Halo: The Master Chief Collection with some truly fantastic new cinematics (seen above in the remake's launch trailer).

The documentary, titled "Remaking the Legend", runs for an hour and two minutes and is offered free for Xbox One and Xbox 360 console owners today. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is scheduled for release worldwide on November 11th, 2014 and GameRevolution will have a review posted early next month.

In fact, I've already finished the Halo 2 campaign with the game's new visuals and while some modern shooter mechanics will be missed, the narrative largely holds up thanks to the way it pits forward momentum of both the Arbiter and Master Chief himself against the player and forces you to choose one over the other by the end.

Of course, players will likely side with Master Chief's explosive finale though I'm curious to see how the Covenant continues its journey in Halo 5, which will offer a beta period via Halo: The Master Chief Collection at a later date.

For more Halo, don't forget to check our tag page here. For a trailer promoting the documentary itself, click the link below to visit Microsoft's web page.

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