Teens React to Playing Super Smash Bros. 64, Seem Excited

Super Smash Bros. 64 still holds up today thanks to balanced gameplay, inventive level design, and the interactions that come from players willing to do battle with their favorite Nintendo characters.

Unfortunately, one member of the Teens React Youtube channel doesn't want to kill to win, though the excitement caused by a single hammer leads to some serious nostalgia tripping for anyone born after 1996… and some of these kids can't even claim that.

One early battle between Donkey Kong and Kirby results predictably, with DK spin-punching his way right off a level map. Ness puts Luigi out on the Great Fox too. Be sure to stick around for the smack talk at the end. Apparently, teens reacting to video games are not above throwing out a handicap-slam.

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[Via Kotaku]