43 Hot New Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix Screens Focus on KH2

Kingdom Hearts II.5 (2.5) HD ReMIX combines Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep onto a single PS3 disc. It's got the special Final Mix content that never came stateside, updated graphics and music and all that good stuff. I actually just got done import reviewing that shit over here: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Review.

See how that works? See how I can criticize something at great length but be overall satisfied with it? That's called keeping it the fuck real. You fucking tit. Sorry, I don't mean that toward you specifically, Reader X, I've just seen a lot of people losing their shit when you say anything critical of their favorite games lately. As a SaGa fan, I would have died of ego cancer if I got all mad every time someone criticized a game I like.

What the hell was I doing, again? Oh yeah, Kingdom Hearts II HD screenshots. Yeah, this batch doesn't have any Birth by Sleep in it, which is a drag because I think that's the game fewer people have played. Aw well. Enjoy the pretty images!

What's the over/under for time between now and Kingdom Hearts III release date? Let's say 19 months. You think it'll be out before or after that amount of time passes, starting today?