Game of Thrones Teaser Trailer Features Cersei Lannister

Finally, Telltale Games has unveiled how its upcoming six-part cel-shaded adaptation of Game of Thrones series will look. It can feel more than a little incongruent to pair a soft graphical style with a universe that is far from being soft, but with Telltale's history on The Walking Dead, this feeling should subside quickly.


In the above teaser, the ever-scheming Cersei Lannister gives an ultimatum of sorts to House Forrester, who relies on the ironwoods for military and economic power and has been loyal to House Stark. I don't think you need the ski instructor from South Park to tell you how things go for them. So it will be up to you, playing as the five members of House Forrester, to prevent your House from falling even if that means compromising your loyalties.

The video also features likenesses of Tyrion Lannister, Ramsay Snow, and Margaery Tyrell whose actors and actresses will be lending their voices to the series. Since the series starts in Season Three, we know that these characters will luckily stay alive, though whether House Forrester will is another matter entirely. Given that the Forrester family has eight members, not including the others in the cast which has thirteen original characters, we should suspect that at least some of them will die along the way.


Game of Thrones is still slated for this year, likely in December, for PS3, X360, PS4, XOne, and PC.