Capcom Will Announce a New PlayStation 4 Game Soon

Speaking with Famitsu magazine, a popular weekly digest of video games in the far east, Capcom director/producer Jun Takeuchi says that the company has started work on a new title for PlayStation 4.

"PlayStation 4 development has been ongoing," Takeuchi explained," but the more I use the system the more it seems there is to uncover." Currently, Capcom has a few titles announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, though it seems the company has leaned on PS4 development (working title and pictured above) Deep Down slated for the platform exclusively.

Sony Computer Entertainment has made a really incredible system for us. Right now, we're seeing how far we can push the game engine. You'll be surprised by the quality of the games we're working on right now. I think we'll be able to announce it soon, so please look forward to it. I realize that's obnoxious.

For gamers who've invested in PlayStation 4 consoles, I doubt something to look forward to could be called obnoxious. Takeuchi also says that the game will be "something that will even turn heads overseas."

Sony's PlayStation Experience conference takes place early next month. Hopefully we'll learn more about these Capcom projects and more heading to PlayStation 4 then.

[Via Gematsu]

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