Nintendo Files Patent for Game Boy Emulator

Nintendo has filed a patent for the emulation of Game Boy software on other types of hardware, not the least of which include seat-back displays, computers, and cell phones.

"While GAME BOY.RTM. platforms are inexpensive and have long battery life, there may be situations in which it would be desirable to play or use applications developed for GAME BOY.RTM. on other platforms," the patent explains. 


"For example, an airline, train or other vehicle passenger might want to play video games during a long journey… airlines are installing seat-back computer displays into the backs of airline seats. Such seat-back displays may provide a low cost personal computer including a processor, random access memory, liquid crystal display and input device(s)."

While this could be nothing more than Nintendo's attempt at preventing others from emulating its classic handheld software, there's a shred of hope we'll see the Big N finally embrace a more open model. Pokémon on my iPhone? Yes, please!

[Via NeoGAF]