Nintendo Discontinuing 3DS XL in Japan

It looks like Nintendo is phasing out the standard 3DS XL in Japan, as a new report confirms the Big N is looking throw all its chips in the New 3DS basket.

According to the handheld's official webpage (via Siliconera)​, the company is "ending production soon" on all standard 3DS XL models in the region. Oddly enough, however, it looks like the regular non-XL 3DS models will remain in production.

With New 3DS and New 3DS XL now out in Japan, the company's decision to phase out the older models only makes sense. That said, it's a shame those of us in North America still have yet to hear anything about when this new and improved version of the handheld will be available to those of us across the Pacific. Hopefully we don't have long to wait.