Yakuza 5 Coming to PSN in NA, EU

Two years after its Japanese release, Sega has announced that Yakuza 5 will finally be localized in North America an Europe. Gamers can expect the PS3-exclusive action RPG at an unspecified time in 2015. Additionally, the interesting Yakuza 4 and uninteresting Yakuza: Dead Souls have hit these two regions' PlayStation Networks for budget prices.

The game features multiple protagonists in cities that the Yakuza series hasn't previously taken players, the first of which is Fukuoka. I'm playing this game right now, coincidentally, and have been to Fukuoka, coincidentally, and can tell you that the recreation is frighteningly good. The size and scale of Yakuza 5 is certainly bigger than previous titles, though I can't yet say if it's bigger than the PS3/PS4 spinoff Ishin that was released earlier this year.

I'll write a more detailed preview when I get deeper into the game.