Bravely Default Sequel Being Released This April in Japan

Square Enix has announced that Bravely Second, the 3DS-exclusive sequel to a good game the company accidentally released, will arrive on Japanese store shelves on April 23, 2015.

A collector's edition has also been revealed, selling on the Square Enix store for 14,800 yen (like $120 or so, by the current horrible exchange rate). It looks like this:

It includes the Agnes figure seen above, a "200 years Later: Shrine Maiden of the Wind Edea Oblige" art book and novel, a soundtrack on a mini data CD because it's 2001, a "U notebook" whatever the fuck that is, a magnolia rubber strap, and a code for some yet-unspecified in-game content.

In searching to see if we had covered that just now, I remembered that I reviewed the first game and also that I am the bomb. I also talked a bit about the sequel in this podcast, which was part of my outstandingly phenomenal Tokyo Game Show coverage. I can't believe how amazing I am.