Twitter Death Threats Against EA Executive “Not a Violation of Rules”

Electronic Arts has been the target of more than its share of Internet hatred over the years, though it hasn't been without reason as was the case with one Twitter user who specifically identified Peter Moore and the EA executive's family as targets.

Including threats of death and rape, the Twitter user in question seemed to be angry about things like handicapping in sports titles, though Moore has been promised a "street party" commemorating the day of his death.

Moore reported the incidental tweets to platform support and the user even subsequently apologized.

@petermooreEA despite what happens to me and my twitter I want to apologise for the vile abuse sent to you. I'm shutting twitter down so

— Robertclarke (@xbox_gamer87) December 10, 2014

@petermooreEA you will not here from me anymore .

— Robertclarke (@xbox_gamer87) December 10, 2014

For more Twitter randomness and to send death threats to yours truly, follow @Game_Revolution for video game news, reviews, previews, and event coverage. Further, be careful who you talk to out there. Even with some of the so-called "controversy" in the interactive software industry, we could all take a second to ease off of preconceived notions that drive hate and fear.

[Via GameSpot][Photo Credit]