Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode Totally “Not About Balance”

At the Capcom Cup Grand Finals, showcased at The Warfield in San Francisco and the last stop of the Capcom Pro Tour, a sneak peak at the upcoming Omega Mode for Ultra Street Fighter IV was revealed before the tournament began. You can watch theĀ Capcom Cup Grand Finals via Twitch, with the winner earning $50,000 in prize money.

As revealed earlier, Omega Mode will be released for free once Capcom is done with patch 1.04 and adds ridiculous moves to each character on the roster with the mindset of fun. One of the commentators proudly proclaimed that Omega Mode is indeed "not about balancing."

Four pro players, including the notorious Filipino Champ, highlighted just how insane the changes are. The flagship character Ryu has hardly any setup time for his signature fireballs, while Seth has sick Dhalsim range on his aerial high punch as well as an EX Sonic Boom that launches the projectile in a static position before moving across the screen.

The giant Hugo has been given a shockwave that he cam summon with a swing of his mighty hand, and Dhalsim's forward dash teleport almost has no recovery time. M. Bison has been given a downward kick that can deflect projectiles, perhaps taking a cue from Rose scarf powers. The sickest change that I saw, however, must be to Decapre who has a screen-clearing projectile that hits instantly and can be used right out of a combo string for extra damage.