SaGa Gets New Vita Game While Romancing SaGa Becomes PS2 Classic

At Square Enix's SaGa 25th Anniversary event, there was more than just a dope-ass train revealed. I was packing up my shit and being like, "Well they're never going to top that," but then tea happened:

Mother. Fucking. SaGa. Tea.
But anyone watching the livestream knew that shit was about to get real when series mastermind Akitoshi Kawazu took a sip of the tea then looked at camera three and said, "Well that shit tastes like PS2 Classic."

"But there were only two games from the whole SaGa series on PS2," all of us dumbshits said, totally fooled by Kawazu's sublime hintage.

It was then revealed that 3,990 yen ($34 US) can get you a special edition download of Romancing SaGa for the PS2 Classics line on the Japanese PlayStation Network. It's that price because your it includes a sexy 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle and a special sleeve to store your stupid download code inside, seen here:

I prefer the puzzle:

You must download the game from the Japanese PSN between March 12 and Sept. 11, 2015, however.

The final announcement of the show was that a new game is in the works, and that it will arrive in 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. Not much else was said, other than confirming that veteran SaGa composer Kenji Ito is back at the helm for the music.

Details will probably trickle out gradually between now and the new game's release.

Oh and there was also a browser game called Imperial SaGa released. Here's its official website.