The Sims 4 Gets Free Update With Two Careers

EA Maxis has been hard at work fixing and patching The Sims 4 since launch with several free updates, the first adding ghosts, the second adding pools, and now the third adding a couple of career paths: business and athletic.

While there's still no word on other professional careers like Medical and Military, this marks a good start. For the athletic branch, you'll start as a mere "Waterperson" but then you'll break it like Adam Sandler and become an All-Star as an Professional Athlete Branch, maybe even a MVP and Hall of Famer. If that's up your alley in athletics, though, you can follow in the footsteps of Schwarzenegger and become Mr. Universe Mr. Solar System.

Otherwise, you can also climb the corporate ladder in Business where you must start as a "mailroom technician" which is a fancy name for being a peon. From there, you can become an Angel Investor or a Business Tycoon.

Climbing either career will unlock new outfits, new interactions like giving someone fake investment tips (you mischievous devil), and new career awards. A new cheat in the menu will also allow you move objects and combine objects together to create new items.

Finally, in time of the holidays, some free Holiday D├ęcor items have been made available like snowflake decorations, a snowman, a Christmas Tree, and ugly sweaters.