Final Fantasy XV Features Varied Weapon Types, Party Attacks, New MP Uses

Weekly Famitsu readers were treated to news regarding Square Enix's progress on Final Fantasy XV, the latest numbered entry in the franchise and a dynamic-looking action game in its own right, though it's clear the development team have focused on surprising long-running fans.

In addition to expected elements, particularly for new-generation role-playing games and the thick competition they've had on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 thus far, game director Hajime Tabata said party attacks will play a large role in combat.

For united attacks with party members, we're still working on them, but we plan for them to be a system where you check your timing when you press the button. Parrying is an action where you time it to match an enemy's attack. It's an advanced technique with a risk of failure.

Doing each of these successfully will likely add to the stylish presentation in Final Fantasy XV, demonstrated by the gameplay video above. Tabata also said that weapons will allow for more variation in that some will allow the player to use special abilities while others may be focused on a high stat such as power or knock-back.

You can equip multiple weapons at the same time, but you choose a main weapon from [the weapons equipped]. During battle, by pressing a specific button, the ability tied to the main weapon is executed. You can switch your main weapon during combat, so you can execute different attacks

Additionally, Tabata said that MP will be expended when executing certain special abilities though the system does not reflect past "MP to cast" meter usage and instead allows the user to continually expend MP with certain abilities.

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[Via Kotaku]