Square Enix Console Games Exceed Expectations, Company Rides Mobile Into New Markets

Square Enix's 2014 financials look better than executives had planned. The company's report has Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda saying:

"Sales of console game titles, including Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Thief , and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, were better than our original plan."

The company is continuing to move toward online and mobile stuff, which seems to be the foot in the door to expanding markets. The report reads:

 "The global market for smart device games is showing remarkable growth, and the growth of the Asian market, centered on mainland China, deserves special mention.

"In the fiscal year ended March 2014, we released Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur for Korea, Taiwan and mainland China, and achieved satisfactory results. In addition, while it is not a game for smart devices, Final Fantasy XIV was successfully launched in Japan, North America and Europe last August, and won high acclaim worldwide. This summer, the service territory for the MMO game has expanded to mainland China with the intent of entering the Chinese market on a full-scale basis, and we will also work to further grow our revenues from the Asian market by actively releasing mobile titles such as Sangokushi Ranbu.

"Asia isn’t the only region to demonstrate remarkable growth. The Indian and South American game markets are also growing at astounding rates, and smart device games hold the key to capturing these growth markets."

There was also praise directed at Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XIV, which combine for over a million paying subscribers, adding up to a lot of dough every month.

Square Enix brought in some $1.5 billion in net sales and ended the year with $2.1 billion in total assets.