Need for Speed (Games 101)

Need for Speed (Games 101)

The original Need for Speed debuted in 1994 on PC, PSX, and Saturn (you can check out GR’s review of its ’97 sequel Need for Speed 2) and has over 20 titles under its belt in the series.

While the series has always followed certain themes, it’s odd to see the latest title branded as a “reboot,” since it’s not like a unified storyline ran through the series, or anything. The story certainly seems inspired by what looks like a mix of early Fast and Furious films and the Step Up movies’ stories. For serious, underground street racing and underground dance-off movies have almost identical plots, minus that pesky hijacking/FBI stuff.

In any case, check out what there is to know about the title in the video above, and head over to our YouTube Channel for more video content!

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