The People Speak: Online Multiplayer Extravaganza

There were a lot to talk about this past week with several game releases and even a Destiny 2 announcement, but nothing brought a better turnout than our discussion about everyone's first ever online multiplayer game. There were a wide range of games brought up, from Diablo to Command & Conquer, and even Quake 2. Ah, the nostalgia.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week. Below you will find 10 of the most popular comments.

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Master Craig

Article: Tell GR: What Was Your First Online Multiplayer Game?

Comment: ​First online game I ever played was Diablo, back in 1999. I was eleven years old, playing on a bloody 56k dial up modem.

I remember playing as a Rogue, a character class that in my opinion was so over powered, especially later in the game when you start collecting some seriously bad arse weaponry.

The disturbing thing about playing online as Diablo's only female class character, is that everyone assumed I was a woman "iRL".

So occasionally, I'd get free stuff from other players. Then occasionally, I'd get some seriously messed up private messages.

I used /block a lot. Or ignore. I can't remember what the exact command was.​


Article: This Year's Call of Duty Is Called Call of Duty: WW2, Say Sources

Comment: Reading these comments, it seems like it's impossible for Call of Duty to please anyone no matter what they do. Everyone hates futuristic Call of Duty and would prefer to see them return to their roots, they return to their roots, and give us a modern WW2 game (which everyone wants) and still no one is happy. When literally all we've seen is a cover.​


Article: Persona 5 Review

Comment: Developers who take their time on their games tend put out great games. We noticed this year that Zelda and Persona have released to amazing reviews despite being delayed multiple times and changing systems.

BOTW is one of the best games I've ever played. I'm SOOO down for Persona 5 to rival it!

Let's make this year one of the best years in gaming history!!!​

Bufford Buchanan

Article: Why I'm Enjoying Mass Effect: Andromeda, And You Might Too

Comment: ​I like it. Was excited, then sad at all the hate, but after playing it, I enjoy it.

UPDATE: This game kicks ass. I don't understand the hate. There are a few scenes with bad character animations, but most of the time the game is gorgeous. The story is pretty intriguing and the combat is great.


Article: Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Review

Comment: My only concern is that since 999 was originally built for the DS, and only for the DS, part of the experience is lost in the remake. For example, when I was pondering buying Virtue's Last Reward for 3DS or Vita, the people I spoke to were adamant about 3DS being superior due to the second screen, so I'd imagine that's the case for the original as well. (I have both in their original forms, but I never played them, which is why I'm considering the upgrade.) Apparently, there's some scene in 999 that specifically takes advantage of the dual screen setup, too. Can you perhaps assuage my fears and give your opinion as to whether the loss of two simultaneous screens is indeed a minor thing?​


Article: Meet The Lip Artist Who Didn't Know Her Work Was Featured In Mass Effect

Comment: They really are horrible. I got the game because I loved the first three and thought i could look past it but, no. No sir I cant. The lips are horrible like everybody is trying to talk and blow a kiss at the same time. The eyes wonder confusingly or do the complete opposite and stare complacently at you. It's like the person is pretending to listen but really they are thinking, "shit, did I leave the stove on before boarding the tempest?" Or they are looking behind you with fear/confusion like a frickin ghost is about to pop out followed by Scooby and Shaggy eating a 5ft ham sandwich. It's all quite awkward and really takes me out of the immersion. The only ones that seem OK are the krogans because, let's face it (no pun intended) they look like a wreck anyway. Lol​


Article: Tell GR: What Was Your First Online Multiplayer Game?

Comment: ​Hail to the king, baby: Duke Nukem 3D in LAN. Hidden rooms, rocket launchers, pipe bombs, shrink rays, jetpacks and The Mighty Foot, that was one crazy fun multiplayer game.

Ah but I nearly forgot my actual first online game, not just LAN: a text based multiplayer RPG about gangsters. Deal drugs, buy guns and cars, fight other players…

And what did I play that text adventure on? On a console! What, a game console? No! A system console. An obscure keyboard and computer frankenstein that was called Juku ES101


Article: The Fate Of Physical Games If GameStop Went Away​

Comment: ​I prefer physical games as I'm an avid game collector and hope they never go away. But good riddens to GameStop if they ever go under. I always try to shop at local game stores over GameStop as they are just an awful greedy corporation, but some times I don't have a choice. I wish they would at least just stick to games. They are filling their stores with ThinkGeek stuff and now they sell tablets and phones and other bullshit that has nothing to do with games. I preferred GameStop back in the day when they were simpler.


Article: Destiny 2 Announced, Coming In September 2017

Comment: I completely quit Destiny when they started Year 2. I refused to be nickel-and-dimed like that. I'm willing to give Destiny 2 a chance, though. I think making everyone start fresh is the right way to go. Destiny was "balanced" into oblivion, and I hope Bungie has finally figured out how they want their weapons to work before they drop #2 on us.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, give us some quality voice work, dammit. Nolanbot was painful to listen to, and if I ever have to hear that "Stranger" woman's voice again, it'll be too soon.​


Article: Official Trove Credits, Gem Box and Patron Points Giveaway!

Comment: I am posting. This is my post.

P.S. Let that be a reminder that we have a Trove giveaway going on until Friday afternoon!

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