Capcom Revival

10 Capcom franchises that deserve a revival

Capcom is in the midst of a resurgence. They had a few shaky years this generation, and more than a few duds. Who remembers Umbrella Corps, the second game to try to bring fast-paced action to the world of Resident Evil? How about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, a mutant-less fighter that looks as if it was made on a shoestring budget. Then there’s the one-two punch of Dead Rising 4 and Puzzle Fighter, a combination that almost took out an entire studio.

Lately, it looks as if the publisher is finally taking advantage of their huge back catalog of franchises. We’ve seen an excellent new Mega Man, a refreshing Resident Evil, and a Monster Hunter that broke more than a few records. By taking advantages of quiet periods in the year like January and focusing on making what came before more accessible, Capcom has found an entirely new audience for its games. The publisher is not reinventing the wheel anymore, it’s just doing iterative sequels that are welcoming to new players, and it’s working.

We’re on the eve of Capcom doing it again in 2019. Later this month, the publisher is putting out a full HD remake of Resident Evil 2. If that wasn’t enough, the publisher is also bringing Onimusha back to the spotlight! The original Onimusha: Warlords is heading to modern consoles and PC from the PS2. To celebrate, we thought it might be helpful to throw out a few suggestions as to where the company should shift focus next. Whether it’s a new game in the series or just a modern update for new consoles, here are some familiar faces that we’d love to see on our screens again.

Capcom might take the success of its recent library and begin to fund more projects. Here’s hoping it takes that cash and uses it on the ones above first.

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