Mega Man Legacy Collection Preview

It's classic Rock.

The remastered title: We all want to dump on this concept, and then one remake will come along and steal our hearts and wallets right out from under our nostalgia. Capcom was banking on this during this E3, and if you're a fan of the Blue Bomber, Mega Man Legacy Collection is gunning for you… and damn, if it didn't work on me.

Mega Man Legacy Collection bundles six classic NES titles featuring Rock, aka Mega Man. Players can select from faithful 8-bit ports of Mega Man 1-6, choosing to play in rich, crisp 8-bit glory or filtering it out to resemble your old, grainy, 1986 Zenith TV. The sprites have been made crisper by way of the new Eclipse Engine.

Or, for a new spin on an old classic, players can choose one of the challenge modes, pulling from some of the most demanding parts of each game and remixing them for new, fresh challenges. Challenges include remixed stages from each game or from one specific game, or doing a boss rush through each game with a timer embedded in the corner.

I took on the 1-6 Megamix (get it?!) and I'm pleased to say that my Mega Man platforming skills are still ridiculously average, clocking in at about four and a half minutes to complete it. Scores and screenshots can then be uploaded to leaderboards to compare scores and beat your friends. For the ultimate Mega Man fan, the game is rife with factoids and tidbits, as well as visual unlockables, such as sprite designs, concept art, and alternative forms.

For the Mega Man fan that may not have experienced all the early titles, or for those who want their fix on modern consoles, Mega Man Legacy Collection is just what the doctor ordered, so long as that doctor is named Light, not Wily. ​Developed by Digital Eclipse, Mega Man Legacy Collection releases for $14.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Summer 2015 and on 3DS in Winter 2015.