Better off Deadalus… Review

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  • 12/31/1969
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Better off Deadalus…

After a quick glance, one might mistake Icarus for a Diablo

clone. (The words “Diablo fans will love this game” on the box are an unmistakable

giveaway). In reality, Icarus, an RPG from a little-known company called

JC Research, is much more than “just a clone”. It’s an enjoyable, turn-based

RPG and while it may not look the best visually, it does deliver commendable

gameplay, not to mention a kick-ass soundtrack.


a majority of other RPGs, Icarus takes place during Medieval times. You

play as Dreus, a warrior and leader of the Coshark Mercenaies. Throughout the

game, you must build up allies, magic, levels etc. (the usual RPG deal) and

eventually make your way to fight the dark lord Ercanet, the god of evil, who

is responsible for the evil demons and necromancers roaming the lands and causing


While Icarus’ story may not be as intricate or intriguing as other PC RPG

titles like Fallout or Final

Fantasy VII
, it does set the mood for play. Icarus’ gameplay has its unique

style, but it is reminiscent of other RPGs on the market (Final

comes to mind). All movement and control are done by clicking the


Bascially, there are two modes of play throughout the game: the real-time

standard story mode (where you walk around, talk to townspeople, pick up on

the story, etc.), and the turn-based battle mode. Those familiar with other

turn-based strategy and/or RPGs should recognize the style immediately. Basically,

the player has the option to move a certain number of steps before fighting

or using magic; and after all the characters in the party have finished, it

is the enemies turn.

One nuisance in Icarus’ turn-based system is that in order to cast a spell,

the player’s character must be perfectly lined up with the enemy or character

be casted upon (there is a grid over the ground showing the character’s movement

and spell range). Other than that, Icarus is fairly original and provides ease

of play.


area where Icarus just can’t compete is its graphics. After seeing the recently

ported Final Fantasy VII

running on an accelerated PC, anybody would be let down by Icarus’ 2D world.

Characters consist of 2D sprites, roaming around over a tiled background. All

characters seem to have a hint of anime-style in their appearance.

Spells and magic (simple bitmaps) often appear basic and with relatively little

detail. If you’re looking for kick-ass graphics, you’d be better off someplace


While sound may be overlooked by some, credit must be given where credit is

due. The soundtrack kicks ass. Included with the game is a separate CD with

the 14 music tracks. Everything from the remorseful melody played when progressing

through the tragic story to the upbeat battle composition. Icarus does an awesome

job setting atmosphere through music.

For die-hard RPG fans who either don’t own a PlayStation (there are tons of

excellent PSX RPGs on the market) or are dying to play on a PC, Icarus

is a safe bet. Anyone who can look past the simple graphics will enjoy Icarus

gameplay and depth. While it doesn’t offer the same depth, play time or graphics

as Fallout or Diablo,

it does provide a solid, turn-based RPG experience. A good choice to keep you

busy while you wait for Diablo II.