NHL 2000 Review

Nebojsa Radakovic
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Release Date

  • 01/01/1970
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Only the physical will survive.

The NHL series by EA Sports is undoubtedly the most successful hockey video game
franchise in the business. I remember back in the day (4 years ago) when a couple
of friends and I would gather after school to play NHL ’94. We would each
pick four teams, create a tournament bracket, and battle each other for Lord Stanley’s
cup. Who won the most? I did, of course! I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t!
My SNES controllers did take a beating, but the bragging rights and some scotch
tape made up for it. Ahh yes, what fond memories…

It’s been
another year, so time for another NHL game. In NHL 2000, you get
the usual game modes: Exhibition, Season, Playoff, Tournament, and Shootout.
For most gamers, the most interesting mode is Season mode. After each season,
players will move around via free agency, aging players will retire, and you
can even draft rookies. There are even roster updates you can get from the GR
patches section
. Props to EA for including this feature.

With the EA Sports online gaming system, it makes it easy for players to find
opponents over the Internet. While it’s not as cool as sitting beside your buddy
on the couch while you crush his team into the ice, you were really only able
to do that with the console versions anyway (Who has two controllers for their
PC?). Internet multiplayer definitely helps any computer sports game.

The sound and graphics are just spectacular. EA went all out and licensed
music like Garbage’s “Push it”, Uberzone’s “Dokta Dokta”, and Gearwhore’s “Accelerator.”
You can feel every body check and shot, and the arena noise puts you right there
in the game. The graphics are incredible, too. Every NHL player looks almost
exactly like his real-life counterpart, and the player and goalie animations
are awesome.

Another cool addition is the ‘face in the game’ feature. Most sports sims
have the ‘create a player’ option that lets you choose a generic face for your
player. This is still included, of course. But NHL 2000 takes things
a step further by letting you literally put your face in the game! All you need
is a picture of your mug (not too hard if you have a scanner), and you can play
with your favorite hockey stars! Darn, if only I had a scanner, I’d open up
a can of whup-ass on that girlie-man Jagr.

Now on to the
gameplay. Basically, the core gameplay hasn’t changed since NHL 94, though
each year it undergoes minor tweaks. EA said there were more ways to score in
NHL 2000 than in previous versions, and they weren’t kidding. In the
first game after installation (I set it at the hardest difficulty setting),
I notched 13 goals . . . and I was playing 10 minute periods! Maybe (probably)
I’m just gifted, but I expected to lose a few games before I even came close
to winning. One problem is the defenders on the opposing team allowing you to
skate right by them, avoiding you as if you had the black plague. Not the best
AI in the world.

Besides the amount of scoring, another unrealistic part of NHL 2000 is the unreasonably high number of shots the computer takes. In each game, the computer constantly outshoots you, and it’s usually by about a 2 to 1 ratio. The computer would take shots, and my goalie would always make the save. I’d take the pass from my goalie and race down the ice, go right past the defenders, and score. It’s unrealistic and may disappoint gamers who like the simulation aspect of the game, but for arcade-minded players, it’s fun.

Besides the gameplay flaws, NHL 2000 is an extremely fun game to play.
The non-stop action and punishing body checks, which, I might add, are just
as fun as scoring goals, make this game hard to stop playing. This game almost
makes me forget about NHL ’94 . . . almost. If you have last year’s version,
or even the one two years ago, the only thing that’s really changed is the players.
It’s still a solid hockey game, and the best one on the market.



Put your face in the game!
Career Mode
Punishing body checks
Weak computer AI
Unrealistic shot totals