If you’re sick of being Politically Correct, this is your game. Review

Conquest Info


  • N/A


  • 1 - 4


  • Ubi Soft


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Release Date

  • 12/31/1969
  • Out Now


  • PC


If you’re sick of being Politically Correct, this is your game.

You are a conquistador, a conqueror for the country of your choosing. You sail your exploration ship along the coast to look for a good place to land. You dispatch your explorers and military leaders to scope out the area. If you like it, you can make your colony there when the ship full of settlers arrives. From then on your goal is to make your colony thrive and grow. You can control trade with other players, your mother country, or even the natives if they are friendly. Watch out though, hostile natives will raid your camp if they are close by.

If you so choose, you can

go against everything we’ve been taught in school about how we treated Native

Americans and never fight with them, or you can go with history and kill off

the “injuns” and take their possessions. You control just about every aspect

of your colony from exploring to spying on other colonies to mining for gold

and metals and much more. You should also be wary of your mother country. If

you get too successful, they’ll tax the crap out of you and you might be forced

to declare independence in which case a revolutionary war will break out.

This game plays a lot like Lords of the Realm where you are a feudalistic lord looking to be king. It does however make many improvements in the realism and the control you have over your colony. It also has dared to be the first game representing the struggle over the America’s including the fights with the natives. This was a bold move due to the influence of Political Correctness today. The game’s difficulty builds as you go along, you start out with little to control and end up with thousands of colonists to keep you busy.

The graphics are surprisingly

good. If you zoom in close enough you can see the loggers in your mill cutting

wood, or the soldiers doing drills in the fort. zooming out does not take too

much away from the graphics either. Graphics in battle are good as far as the

characters and their actions go, but the actual combat seems way too structured

with squares that you have to move into and shoot into. It’d be much better

if you could just mix it up and move the players like you do outside of combat.

The sound is excellent with everything from the groans of a dying soldier to

the noises of people in a colony to a rushing river with birds chirping and

bears growling in the background.

Watch out with this game! You’ll find yourself playing at 2:30 in the morning even when you have to get up early. It is time consuming, but that means that it’s fun. It can also make you very frustrated if you screw up. Calm down, breathe, don’t kick the computer, the computer is your friend, that damn mother country is your enemy, so get out there and kick it’s ass!


-Excellent graphics, sound and playability
-Slow and frustrating at times
-Revolutionary in the setting but not in the gameplay itself
-It'll keep you busy for hours on end