It’s a crying shame. Review

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  • 12/31/1969
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It’s a crying shame.

Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, is a hero to zombies everywhere.

So in 2001, when he turned his attention to demons in the original Devil

May Cry
, I got very excited. Sure, they’re not quite as cool as zombies, but

Mr. Mikami did demons a very good turn. And when Devil May Cry 2 showed

up, visions of the fantastic Resident

Evil 2
(quite possibly the best one in the series) danced in my rotting head.

Which is part of the reason that I (and many of the other zombies) have been

so disappointed with Devil May Cry 2. It’s not that DMC 2 is a

bad game, it’s that it fails to expand and improve on the original in ways that

seemed so…obvious. Which leaves us with a game that is better in some ways,

worse in others, and, in the end, mostly the same.


always like to start with the good stuff, and there’s still some of it here.

Dante is back, and he remains a force of destruction like few others. With his

huge sword, fancy moves, matched handguns, demonic powers and stylish goth

fashion-victim overcoat
, he makes you feel like a nigh-invulnerable god.

Joining him in the sequel (on her own disc) is Lucia. She’s nimble as a cat,

no less stylish, and equally demonic.

Lucia also fights a little differently, with a pair of short swords and a brace of throwing daggers. She’s the classic female video game option: weaker, but faster. Both of them can still activate the “devil trigger” and turn into a powerful demon for a while when things get rough (or you just want to fly over some obstacles instead of jumping from platform to platform).

The pair of them are both questing for the same powerful ancient artifacts,

hoping to find them before some sort of evil company does. That’s about as much

sense as I was able to make out of the plot. But fair enough, the first DMC

was nearly as incomprehensible.

If the plot hasn’t changed at all (or maybe it has, I’m not sure) the graphics

have been fine-tuned. Movement is smoother, edges are seamless and textures

on the characters look great…when you can see them. Too much of the game is

played with the camera pulled way out, which means you can see Dante’s new moves,

like running up walls and flipping off them, but he just looks small and indistinct

doing them. Same goes with the enemies he fights throughout much of the game.

Some of the enemies are pretty cool, but some of them are pretty lame. The

T-virus showed us that we could make some fabulous zombie dogs, zombie worms,

zombie spiders, zombie snakes, and many more. But DMC 2‘s zombie tanks

and zombie helicopters just look stupid.


areas are much larger than before, which should have been a good thing, except

they are also more boring than before. The little details and the medieval flair

of the first game are gone, replaced by bland urban backdrops. Despite some

graphical improvements, I think the game has taken a step backwards artistically.

The audio is pretty much exactly the same as before. The sounds of combat

are just great, with especially satisfying gunfire. The voices aren’t terrific,

but they get the job done, and the music ranges from some decent mood-setting

orchestral pieces to some bad electric guitar combat riffs.

The really disappointing part is that they took the system from the first

game of collecting magic orbs and using them to buy new powers and special moves

and dumbed it down. I was expecting them to do the opposite, to expand it into

a Castlevania-like system to really

flesh out the game’s depth. There are fewer weapons than before, and the “upgrades”

you buy just make them do more damage without adding any new features.

Add to that the fact that the game is too short, easily winnable in a few

days. Sure, there are two characters on two disks, but while their stories intersect,

they don’t influence one another like in Resident Evil 2. Lucia does

have some unique underwater missions, but many of the locations are almost exactly

the same on both disks, sometimes just mirror images of the same levels. Boring.

While technically polished, the artistic vision of the first game has been

lost. There’s just not enough style or substance to DMC 2. It reminds

me of one of those sequels that skips the theaters and goes straight to video.

This demon has lost its magic.


Some cool new moves
Polished graphics
Better than
Lacks the original's artistic flair
Too short
Simplified weapon system
Both disks too similar