Kareem with the sky hook! Review

Slam 'N Jam '96,Slam 'n Jam '96 Info


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  • 1 - 4


  • Crystal Dynamics


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Release Date

  • 12/31/1969
  • Out Now


  • PS
  • Saturn


Kareem with the sky hook!

As this assignment was handed to me, I thought to myself, A+. It stars

Magic and Kareem , who, for a Lakers fan, are the greatest one-two punch in

NBA history. Watching the Lakers dominate the court throughout the 80’s was

one of my favorite pastimes. To see these two superstars commemorated for

their greatness with their own video game, years after their prime, was a

tribute to the Crystal Dynamics team. I only wish they could have been

represented in a more suitable fashion.

Crystal Dynamics surprised me with a very poor showing with Slam N Jam ’96

featuring Magic and Kareem
, especially since I had been so impressed by their

other Saturn games. I had expected a high flying, prime time

basketball game, but was disappointed with the primitive state in which

this game has hit the shelves. For a system with such potential and a

software company with so much to offer, this sports fan was not impressed.

The game does not flow very well. The perspective that the user sees while

playing is confusing in both depth and direction. Player position in

relation to one and other is also very misleading. The only reliable way to

score seems to be to drive the lane and dunk the ball. Slam N Jam

relies on the fast break transition game for most of its action, which is

okay, but makes for a less realistic game. Possibly the greatest weakness

lies in the running commentary by sportscaster Van Earl Wright , who, at

times, appeared to be talking about a different game than the one that I

was playing. He is also quoted with such inane sayings as ” the ferocity of

the Jam-ocity.” Interesting choice of words.

The game is not all bad. The ability to block dunk shots makes the

defensive portion of the game a skill that develops the more you play, and

can often mean the deciding factor between the thrill of victory and the

agony of defeat. Magic and Kareem both use many of the signature moves that

made them great and in turn makes the game truly theirs, but with the

absence of any other NBA stars there is little reason to be any other team

than Magic’s all-stars.

In conclusion, Crystal Dynamic’s Slam N Jam ’96 leaves much to be

desired. I think that the greatest disappointment is again the potential

for such a game. Most sports gamers would agree, and should pass up on

purchasing this one. Crystal Dynamics should return to the drawing board

and take a few lessons from the people over at Electronic Arts when

designing any other new sports games. This game might be the reason that

Magic retired for a third time.


Confusing viewpoints
Disappointing graphics
inane commentary.
Good defense.