When Legos revolt! Review

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  • 01/01/1970
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When Legos revolt!

I remember a couple of years ago I wanted to get a link cable for my Playstation.

No reason in particular, I just wanted one. Eventually, I picked up the PSX version

of Command and Conquer. My friend Aaron and I played for days on end, only

leaving the couch to greet the pizza guy. The only drawback was the powerful sense

of real military battle that I just didn’t want my kids to witness.

Late-night gaming is fun, but not when that’s all you can do. If only there

were a game that played like Command and Conquer, but I could play in

front of my precious children…

…enter Team Buddies, the perfect solution to my dilemma. Team

takes the strategy and action of real-time battle and sugarcoats

it with loads of humor and cartoon characters. Though there’s no link cable

support (not suprising), the two-player split-screen is loads of fun and has

more options than the boys from ‘N SYNC at a high school dance.

The Buddies are a race of bizarre little Lego-esque dudes. They lived a peaceful

life, until one day an ominous airship flew overhead, dropping crates across

the landscape. Curious, the Buddies smashed open these crates, and, lo and behold…GUNS!

And lots of ’em…more than enough to go around. The Buddies had never seen

such things and were fascinated, which led, of course, to rampant carnage and

segregation. The once peaceful Buddies now had a taste for power, and they were


Graphically, Team Buddies is crisp and clean. The environments are

cutesy and fun; buildings do the “Jell-O-mold wobble” when hit and the Buddies

squash flat when driven over with a vehicle. There are also silly elements like

bulls that ram anyone nearby, friend or foe, and medics that heal wounded Buddies

with a bicycle pump. The audio is top-notch, with very funny sound effects and

constant wisecracks from everyone.

The gameplay is pretty complex for a game that seems so childish. A mix between

a pure action romp and a strategy game, Team Buddies has you running

around as the various Buddies, doing your best to complete the objectives for

each mission. This also requires constant building of new Buddies, weapons and

vehicles while simultaneously ordering troops around; fight here, guard there,

and generally wreak havoc on the opposition.


troops, weapons and vehicles requires the crates that constantly fall from the

sky. There is a stacking pad next to each base; different stack patterns produce

different results. When you have stacked the pattern for the item you want,

give the crate a swift kick, and viola – crate open, weapon procured. Be careful,

though – sometimes crates in your area are limited, so build wisely.

The missions are a hoot. You’ll have various objectives, everything from simply

destroying all other colors to repossessing your bike and squashing the culprits.

Each time you complete a mission in the single-player mode (there are 64!),

a new option opens in the multi-player.

Multi-player plays like the skirmish mode in C&C. You choose from 1-4

teams, each being either AI or human opponent. Each picks a color, everyone

decides on a mode and a weapon level and goes for the gusto.

Team Buddies has some of the most creative ideas for multi-player that

I have seen in a long time. There’s the typical free-for-all Last Man Standing

game, or things like Domination mode where one team must tip all of the trash

cans over while the other must try to keep them upright. Then there’s Capture

mode, where you must whack stray dogs to stun them and carry them to your base

to collect points. The ASPCA might not like it, but I do.

Despite its childish overtones, Team Buddies is a very good game, combining

humor and fun with strategy and competition. The single player missions are

both challenging and fun, and the multiplayer has enough options to be interesting

on through the next millennium.


Great originality
Multiplayer heaven
Play war in front of the kids!
No link Cable support
Too complex to play war WITH the kids