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At Peach’s Castle they recieve an inventation to go to Pilio Island from the proptier of the island named Dr.Snoozemore. So Peach accompied by some toads and toadsworth along with Mario and Luigi they head to Pilio Island on the Zepplin that dropped off the inventation. Before arriving to the island a evil pillow appears on the zepplin and Mario fights it and it may appear that you may have yourself a crash landing. As it turns out it was only Luigi having a nightmare and once he wakes up he knocks himself out.

To start out with some island fun you play a quiz battle some monsters and try to reach the top of the tower with Luigi. After all of this you are inside Pillio castle and returning from Bowser’s inside story Starlow was also invited to the island. In the next room you listen to a recording of Dr.Snoozemore in a theater about the history of Pillio island it was once called Pilio Kingdom ruled by living pillios. The history remains shrouded by the mysterys of the islands past that the scientests of the island are still trying to solve today. Peach decided to stand on the Panel that goes into the secret room in the back of the castle and both Peach and toadsworth were sent blasting to the back on a rocket propeled machine.

So Mario and Luigi go in pursuit of rescuring them. One thing about this back room is that its haunted by a ghostly spirit. Once you have reached the end you see a pillow that appears to be rather ancient. After Mario grabs it the ghostly spirit is angered and summons smoldergiest. After you beat them you make your way to the collection room which had a safe way to get into instead of battleing the monsters.

So after a bit of looking around in the room Luigi wants to take a nap on the ancient bed so Mario gives him the pillow they found earlier and after a bit of time goes by a portal opens and Peach got too close and is sucked in the portal Mario goes in pursuit to rescue Peach from the evil cloud thing you saw at the begining of the game.

This my friends is the first encounter of the dream world. As you move through Dreamy Pilio castle you find Dreamy Luigi even though Luigi is in the real world he appears in a dreamy form. Within the next room Mario and dreamy Luigi find the evil cloud thing but before being able to help Peach the evil cloud goes down below the dream world but before leaving a vaint voice tells Mario to move forward and it tells you to break this chunk. This is your first encounter with a nightmare chunk.

After Mario breaks it something appears from it. It sends you out of the dream world and rushes to save his people. His name is Prince Dreambert he is the prince of the pillio people that roamed the island a long time ago. Mario and Luigi go in pursuit to talk with him.

This is the next area you explore is called Mushrise Park. Before you can reach the park you must cross a bridge currently its just a suspension bridge which means get over quickly and don’t stop. Of course Luigi had to inspect the bridge as they cross a bad idea indeed as the bridge begins to collapse they try to run but that gets them no where as they fall down below. Luigi lands gracefully but Mario hits him on the head as he decends. After going through the area below the park you end up at a dead end but before they give up Dreambert appears and tells them what has happend to his people as he can’t break the nightmare chunks.

Starlow of course gets mad because they need to focus on finding Peach but he doesn’t count decision making its all up to Mario and he decides to help Dreambert resuce his people. After saving this pillio the dead end is no longer one so with that you continue to save pillios to open the path and eventually you get back to ground level and you are in the park. Here you will meet the adminstrator Brickle who has a pillio named Elderdream.

After trying to get him he gets stuck in a water pump so Mario and Luigi take the pipe below the park that goes down into the water system and amp up the pressure and he is freed from it so he gives you the pillow and allows you to use his bed.

Something happened when the pump broke some parts of it hit Mushrise’s grobot and caused a malfunction so you are forced to battle him and free Brickle.

So after you have saved Elderdream he drills a entrnace into Dreams Deep. Where you find Peach and the Villian Antasma the bat king after getting Peach away from Antasma. Bowser enters the dream world and trys to take Peach from them. Antasma deicides to team up with Bowser to defeat Mario and Luigi so he agrees to this and you battle him with Antasma’s power. Before they are beaten Antasma amplifies Bowser’s flame and knocks Mario and Luigi out.

So Bowser and Antasma leave the dream world but the adventure must not stop there for the Mario brothers as Elderdream arrives and gets them out of the dream world. This concludes Mushrise park for now.

We move on to the dozing sands where you meet the construction boss Britta and this where you find the Dreamstone thats grants unlimited wishes. Bowser and Antasma had already taken the Stone but you come upon where it rested which is called a dreampoint this is where you find the spirit of the stone who gets mad when he has no where to go so he uses the background and forms Drilldigger and this is where you have your first Giant battle of the game. After being defeated the dream stone spirit tells you that the stone is on the top of mount Pajamaja.

Before you can go climb the mountain you head to wakeport to sign up for the climbing tour but once you go to the clocktower sqaure one of the tourguides is there but his brother is not so Mario and Luigi go find the tour guide’s brother.He happens to be sleeping on a dream point. So after you do his test the Beef-Off you battle him. After you beat him he awakes from the dream world and the tour begins once you arrive at mount Pajamaja.

The tour guides are named the Massif brothers. They wear the same color of clothing as the Mario brothers. So with them guiding you accquire new skills to use such as the spin jump and the drill spin do correct me if im wrong about the drill move.

So after a bit of climbing you get to the summit of the mountain where you find Bowser, his minions Kamek and the elite trio, and Antasma.

Before you can do anything Antasma starts playing dreambeat music that causes people to fall alseep and gather there energies to restore the dream stone’s power. This causes Luigi to fall alseep and they begin to flee and they find a dream point to hide in but the problem with this is that Luigi can’t sleep soundly so the dream portal is shut.

In this area you have yet another giant battle. After this you find a warp pipe block that Dreambert had hidden when they battled Antasma a long time ago so you now have a faster way to access the areas.

The next area you explore is Driftwood shore a very nice relaxing place for everyone to go because Bowser and Antasma created a caslte for themselves which they call Neo Bowser Castle. It uses a lazer that destroyies multiple smaller island spots causing everyone in the castle to flee. So Mario and Luigi head there and they meet Broque Madame who has been watching Peach and Toadsworth. They agree that they need to hide her from Bowser so Broque Madame suggests you hide her in the dream world. So they head off to find a dream point which is rather small to begin with but a sea horse in the dream world tells Mario and Luigi that they need to collect dream eggs from his brothers and sister. After collecting them Seadric expands the dream world at the end point of each section but one thing that puzzles Mario is where the monsters appeared from. Seadric suggests that some evil presence brought them here.

So you have 2 more dream eggs to use so you are down to 1 after you finished the first and second parts at the end of it you are trapped. This is where Mario and dreamy Luigi learn that Peach was an imposter Mario says that Kamek wanted to wear the dress the whole time a good joke by Mario Kamek being made a fool. This is where you battle the elite trio which is comprised of private gomp corporal paraplunk and sergant guy. This battle will be the hardest for some people because you can’t simply ko them 1 at a time as they are reieved by a teamate thats standing so this means you have to ko all 3 of them at once. My tip is to use only the Luiginary Ball so you can gurentee a hit on all 3 of them.

Thats all the details on the game I want to share with you so I am going to summerize this for you. You move around in real world and many dream worlds you will have boss battles but you will also have giant boss battles which will only happen in certain dream worlds. When your going through each of these places you will fight monsters and level up. The ranking system is unique because you can add a little powerup to aid you in the game. There are a total of 5 ranks Mushroom Shell Flower Star and Rainbow rank. you start with mushroom so you will not get a powerup from that but all the other ranks you will get powerups. The Rainbow rank is where you get to pick two powerups so making up for mushroom rank.

Once you achieve rainbow rank you can buy the best gear in the game from Broque Madame’s store. There are a total of 6 badges for each brother which creates various combinations that aid you in battle. The special moves of the brothers are differnent from one another besides the green and red shell each brother has his own attacks per attack pieces in an area Mario will get his brother attack first followed by Luigi I dont believe this order continues throughout the game I believe after this Luigi will get his brother attack before Mario gets his.

For the dream world battles you will have only Luiginary attacks so in certain dream worlds you will find dreamy attack pieces witch creates the Luiginary attacks. You have your basic jump and hammer attack to use as well you can use items during battle or before battle. This summerizes what you can use during battles. You will buy various gear throughout the game the best of witch comes from Broque Madames store once you have reached Rainbow rank.

I hope you all enjoyed this review leave a comment on what you think of my review.

Thank you!

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