Let’s get this party started. Review

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  • Microsoft


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Release Date

  • 01/01/1970
  • Out Now


  • Xbox


Let’s get this party started.

Do me a favor and think way back to 1989. Remember that year? The Berlin Wall

fell, Milli Vanilli blamed everything on the rain,

and a little show called American Gladiators hit the tube. Pretty much

everyone I know watched the Gladiators at one time or another for a little afternoon

entertainment. Who could resist watching “normal” people like you and I get

pummeled by dorky, spandex-wearing

mountains of muscle
in events of “strength” and “stamina.”


was so cool game companies even made a Gladiator video game for the Genesis

and Super Nintendo. And though the Gladiators are no longer with us, their spirit

lives on in Microsoft’s new party game for the Xbox called Fuzion Frenzy.

Fuzion Frenzy is a futuristic version of the Gladiators minus, uh,

the Gladiators. Players compete against three other computer or human controlled

opponents in a series of mini-games throughout six different areas. Sound fun?

Well, it is…for a little while, at least.

Only two modes make up the game – Tournament and Mini-Game Frenzy. Tournament

is the main mode where you and up to three friends can compete in a 2, 4, or

6 stage game. Each stage is made up of three randomly selected mini-games and,

of course, the Fuzion Frenzy itself. Mini-Game Frenzy just allows you

to choose exactly which event you play.

To start a game, players pick from one of six colored characters. There is

no difference between them, so exactly whom you choose really doesn’t matter.

With the game’s utter simplicity, it would have been nice to give them some

varying attributes like speed, fighting ability or vehicle skill, but I guess

the developers wanted to keep things as even as possible.

After choosing the number of stages and setting the computer player difficulty

(assuming you don’t have 3 friends with you), the Tournament begins. The computer

will randomly select one of 40+ mini-games that are both team and individual


Some games like ‘Rollmentum’ are vaguely reminiscent of Gladiator events.

In this mini-game, the characters are put inside giant

hamster balls
and score points by rolling over one of the lit pods. Other

games, like ‘Jetboat Sprint’ and ‘Tank Tangle’, have you racing or even fighting

in vehicles. Still more games like ‘Scratch Match’ and ‘Rhythm’ will have you

pressing buttons Parappa style. I really wish I could describe all of

the games for you, but the pigs might grow wings before I could finish.

After you’ve done your three events, the Fuzion Frenzy kicks in. If

you still remember your American Gladiators, you’ll recognize the Fuzion

event as a Gladiator game called Powerball.

Each player must collect his or her own colored orbs and dunk them into the

goal. This event plays a lot like Powerstone,

since characters run around a 3D environment, picking up items, and stealing

other players’ orbs by beating them up. If you want to win the Tournament, you’ve

really got to be good at this event since the entire game hinges upon it.

But despite the large number of games, things get dull quickly. Several of

the games have very similar objectives and all of them are over with in a matter

of minutes.

You’ll also be playing the Fuzion Frenzy event at the end of each and

every stage. Honestly, I would rather just play another random event than have

to keep coming back to this one over and over again.

On top of these problems, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of reward for

winning. Place first in the tournament and all you get is a pat on the back.

You won’t find any extra characters, bonus events or even a flashy ending at

the first place podium. It won’t take long to get tired of this game, especially

if you are playing alone.

But don’t get me wrong, Fuzion Frenzy is definitely a great one night

party pleaser. It does have good graphics as well as the ability to play your

hard drive tunes while you play. This game doesn’t make the $50 climb, but as

a rental for a night with friends, Fuzion Frenzy rocks.


Tons of mini-games
Looks good
Great for parties
Not fun as single player
Similar events
Gets old fast