Return to the Gridiron… Review

NFL Quarterback Club Info


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  • 1 - 12


  • Acclaim


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Release Date

  • 12/31/1969
  • Out Now


  • Saturn


Return to the Gridiron…

for Acclaim’s newest sports spectacular NFL Quarterback Club. While

the format of the game can be compared to most other recent editions, the

Saturn’s superior sound and graphics open entirely new avenues for the

football enthusiast. The introduction to the game itself propels the

player into the high drama and emotion of the sport.

As the teams take the field, it becomes obvious where the Saturn system has

enabled Acclaim to improve on its earlier versions. With the eight button

controllers, NFL Quarterback Club allows the player to perform a

myriad of dazzling spins, straight arms, and bursts of speed and power that

make the running game more realistic and exciting. Many of the strengths

of this game, however, come from the facets of the game that the player

cannot control. For example, defenses are much smarter, adjusting to

offensive formations and not frustrating the player with the idiocy usually

demonstrated by the positions not controlled by the user. Pass coverage is

also improved as many defensive line players leap to knock down passes

before they even leave the pocket. The three levels of play, Rookie, Pro,

and All-Pro, see to it that the user is properly challenged as his/her

abilities progress.

Improvements have been made to the offensive passing game as well. With

effective pump fakes that draw the defense off the receiver and the ability

to reverse formations from one side of the field to the other, the user can

select from over 800 plays on each down. With an adapter purchased

separately, a staggering 12 players can participate in a game at once, each

controlling their own player. As appealing this may be to the athletically

impaired, this game player would rather go outside and play a real game

with my eleven willing participants. Sure, there is no instant replay from

1000 different angles and distances, but sunshine is good for the


Weaknesses in the new model include the following. The games are too long;

even on the shortest time setting, one half of play can take over an hour.

Part of what delays the process is the digitized referee that comes out

after each play to declare, with long and deliberate hand motions, whether

it’s a first down, incomplete pass, or a penalty. Equally as frustrating

is the fact that when you substitute one player for another, he doesn’t

seem to remain in the game for more than a couple of plays before the guy

you just removed is back on the field. A good addition to NFL

Quarterback Club
might be a little home crowd enthusiasm when their

team plays well. At the present time, the only crowd noise is coming from

the people fighting over condiments at the concession stands.

Overall, the game impressively combines the high impact, rock’m sock’m

football style that makes these games exciting with the new technology

available through the Sega Saturn. Kudos to Acclaim, mission accomplished

with NFL Quarterback Club.


Great Football Simulation.
Tough defense.
Games are too long.