Apple Watch 4.3.2 Update: What’s Included in the New watchOS Update

The Apple Watch 4.3.2 update has surfaced, with the brand new watchOS update providing Apple Watch users with some bug fixes, only a month following the watchOS 4.3.1 update. This is only a minor update to the wearable, providing general improvements rather than any big new features.

How to Download Apple Watch 4.3.2 Update

apple watch 4.3.2 watchos 4

The 4.3.2 update can be downloaded by heading over to General on your Watch and then selecting Software Update. You’ll need to have the hardware placed on a charger in order to install it, and it’ll also need to be in range of your iPhone device. The update will only download if your Watch’s battery is above 50 percent, so make sure it’s at least half charged before going ahead with it.

The new update will be available for the Apple Watch Series 3, Series 2, and original models.

watchOS 4 Update Notes: What’s Included in the Apple Watch Update?

There isn’t anything particularly noteworthy included in this new update, with it mainly focusing on performance fixes and other assorted software improvements. Watch updates haven’t exactly been extensive since the wearable went on the market, and it hasn’t been host to the kind of elaborate additions we’ve seen with iOS. The watchOS 5 update will bring with it some more substantial changes, though these are still just small stepping stones rather than giant leaps forward.

If you don’t want to download the 4.3.2 update, then be warned that you can’t revert back to a previous update, so you’ll be stuck with your decision. However, considering this update brings with it performance fixes, there’s no real downside to going ahead and downloading it.

In recent Apple Watch news, the device recently helped LG beat Samsung as the top manufacturer of displays in the world. Strong sales of the smartwatches have seen LG rake in a lot of cash for providing the devices with their AMOLED displays, shipping 10.64 million units panels last year to reach the top of the market.