Cybergadget Poke Ball Plus Skins Defeat the Point of the Product

Japanese company Cybergadget has been in the accessory game for a while now, creating lots of those shaped plastic Wiimote holders seen during the Wii days. Now, long before we even get our hands on one, it’s set to release a range of colored protectors for the Pokemon Poke Ball Plus peripheral due out later this year.

Since the dawn of Pokemon in late ’90s kids getting into the evergreen franchise longed to hold perfect replicas of the iconic Poke Ball held and tossed around by every trainer they’d come across both in the games and the anime.

Although the upcoming Poke Ball Plus may not be the first time we’ve had a decent replica be readily available, it might very well be the first to not look like a Poke Ball at all if you’re serious about keeping it out of harm’s way.

According to GoNintendo, Cybergadget has committed to releasing colored rubber sleeves for the handheld device. We understand that the aim here is to keep the expensive ball, which can act as a Joy-Con controller in the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Nintendo Switch games, but the crude sleeves certainly leave a lot to be desired when it comes to looks.

Throwing the Poke Ball Plus (when it’s attached to your wrist) is a normal part of its operation when connected to the upcoming Nintendo Switch games, but because it also acts just like the Pokemon GO Plus when connected to the popular smartphone game, you can bet diehard fans and kids alike will be taking this thing out on the go – where a protective case will be all that separates it from a painful drop.

But Cybergadget’s ugly skins negate one of the key reasons for owning a Poke Ball Plus – having something that looks like an iconic piece of pop culture history. Here’s hoping they paint a few to look like other versions of balls available across the series, but things aren’t looking good right now.

It’s fine if you’re a closet Pokemon GO player trying not to draw attention to yourself, but isn’t that what the Datel Gotcha wristband was made for? But hey, at least you’ll have the world’s most expensive Super Ball.