New Japanese Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer Reveals Jesse and James

It’s been recently revealed that a new Japanese Pokemon Let’s Go trailer has revealed something rather troublesome. So troublesome in fact, that we’ll need to protect the world from devastation, all in order to unite all peoples within the nation. Do these ‘lyrics’ ring a bell, dear reader? That’s right, the adorably goofy duo, Jesse, and James, have been revealed as characters in Pokemon Let’s Go and we couldn’t be happier to see them make an appearance.

This news comes from Kotaku, who states that the pair only appear for half a second in the trailer which, if you’re a Team Rocket fan like us, leaves much to be desired. However, it does bring a nostalgic tear to our eye at the thought of encountering these beloved characters in-game, especially if they start up on their motto before you even get to see them appear. That really would be the icing on the cake.

But sadly we may not actually get to hear any iconic lines from the duo, as there is no voice-acting confirmed for the game. Disheartening, but at least players will be able to see some of their favorite characters in the game, including Misty, Brock and good old Professor Oak. Besides, if you’re still sad, just go have a ride on your Arcanine and we’re certain that’ll cheer you all right up.

In other Pokemon Let’s Go news, there have been some new, hysterical style choices for pokemon like Eevee and Pikachu that has left the internet in stitches. While we’re not too sure why our favorite pokemon seem to be rocking the bowl cut-esque bangs look, we’re not going to complain too much when the rest of the internet is too busy making jokes. Our favorite has to be one about how Eevee and Pikachu look five seconds away from having a serious talk about why The Beatles changed music forever, but that’s just us.