iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus: What Are the New iPhones?

Apple is expected to announce three new phones within the next few weeks; the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus, and iPhone 9. These names are all guesses made by tech types by following the pattern Apple has set in place for its phones since the launch of the iPhone 3GS in 2009 and altered by the iPhone 6 Plus back in in 2015. Whether any of these names will stick really is anyone’s guess, but there are a few reasons why the iPhone XS naming might be a bad move, and we expect Apple to tackle those issues head-on.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus: What Are the New iPhones?

iPhone XS Plus

Since the early days of the iPhone, Apple introduced new numbered phones every other year and released an “S” version of its current flagship between cycles. This started with the iPhone 3GS just a year after the iPhone 3G, and carried for three cycles into the iPhone 6S. It was at that point that Cupertino finally embraced the demand for a bigger handset to keep up with the trends, offering a larger “Plus” device with the same internal specs and a larger higher-resolution display.

Although we didn’t see a standard iPhone 7S, the Plus-sized variant stuck around. Still, tech blogs and iPhone users still anticipate the revival of the S moniker with this year’s newest phones set to be announced any week now.

Apple has typically announced its new line-up of devices in early-mid September, meaning we’re due a refresh within the next few weeks. When following their old tradition of incremental upgrades, we’re not really expected a ground-breaking release from the tech giant this year. Rather than the trend-setting notch display of the iPhone X, we’re expecting the exact same design with some refreshed internal components. But will it be the iPhone XS or the iPhone 11? Signs do point toward both of Apple’s old naming conventions coming back for another year.

When the almost inevitable September iPhone launch rolls around, we’re expecting Apple to face up to the challenge of calling its new phones by the names they’ve tossed around before. We already know it’s cooking up three devices thanks to a plethora of leaks over the months, and while we’re not entirely sold on the idea of an iPhone 9 coming out a year after the iPhone X, releasing a boosted iPhone XS and a larger iPhone XS Plus seems like the best bet right now.

While we could argue that the iPhone XS might come across as a smaller version of the current iPhone, the world is already well aware of how Cupertino names and brands its phones at this point. We’ve seen it all before, and we have no doubt in our mind that most will instantly recognize the iPhone XS name as an updated iPhone X. The same goes for the iPhone XS Plus. They’ve pulled the same trick for years, and Apple’s brand recognition could likely cross dimensions at this point.

So while we’re adamant we’ll be seeing the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus in the next few weeks rather than the iPhone 11 or iPhone X2, Apple’s more budget-friendly third device is still up in the air. Speaking of Air, the iPad Air brand has vanished into just as much, leaving only the originally named iPad in its wake. While it’s not the most powerful iPad on the market thanks to the silky smooth iPad Pro, it opens up the idea of Apple attempting to simplify their handset branding with a phone priced for the average consumer. Don’t expect a shift to iPhone and iPhone Pro naming any time soon, but if Apple feels like the 2018 iPad performed well enough, it could be a strategy they’ll slide over to their less-expensive handsets.