HyperX Makes Post Malone Gaming Brand Ambassador

Many people have watched Post Malone gaming over the years, as the successful singer-songwriter has a popular Twitch channel and was an established Call of Duty player on YouTube before launching his music career. It is therefore no surprise that gaming giant HyperX signed him on as their new Gaming Brand Ambassador.

Daily esports has reported that the HyperX panel recently revealed the news that Post Malone was to be their new Gaming Brand Ambassador at PAX Australia. This is part of their campaign to combine lifestyle celebrities with their gaming products in order to draw the attention of a more casual gaming audience. HyperX said:

We want to build out our brand more. We want it to be more like a lifestyle brand. There’s a much bigger audience we can target here and we can build our brand into something bigger.

Post Malone is latest celebrity and first musician to have been added to HyperX’s lineup of Gaming Brand Ambassadors, alongside a team of streamers including Lachlan and Muselk. Post Malone will be using HyperX headsets and keyboards on his Twitch channel in order to represent the brand, and HyperX will even be one of the featured sponsors for his upcoming festival in Dallas, “Posty Fest.”

HyperX’s new approach is to promote streamers and celebrities as well as professional players in order to allow for fans to relate the people they see on screen. At PAX Australia, HyperX said:

Streamers take a different approach than pro gamers. They know how to interact with the fans, and they are our target market.

HyperX is placing emphasis on games like Fortnite, too, in order to appeal to the casual gaming audience as well as the fans who follow their professional player Ambassadors.

You can watch Post Malone play Black Ops 4 and PUBG on Twitch here.