Nvidia ‘Super’ announcement teased ahead of Computex 2019

An Nvidia Super announcement has been teased on the YouTube channel for Nvidia GeForce, the company’s channel for their gaming hardware. The announcement popped up last night with little fanfare on the company’s other social media channels and it leaves us all wondering: just what the heck will be so “Super”?

There are, of course, some clues that we can glean from the surrounding situation. To start, the hashtag “#GeForce” is tagged onto the video, so this is obviously going to be something related to their GeForce line of gaming graphics cards. It’s also on the Nvidia GeForce channel which is where they would post anything for the gaming portion of their business. (Do keep in mind that Nvidia does actually make computer bits and pieces for things other than gaming.)

So, odds are strong the Nvidia Super announcement is going to be about a gaming graphics card. There isn’t much else out there in terms of official channels, but leakers are (as always) a little ahead of the game. TechRadar reports that this probably has something to do with boosting the speed of video memory in Nvidia’s RTX cards from 14Gbps to 16Gbps. Mainly, the upcoming Nvidia Super announcement will be a counter move to AMD’s upcoming “Navi” line of cards which are expected to be pretty darn powerful for the price.

Computex 2019 is coming up very soon, too. This is one of the biggest trade shows in the world and it’s largely focused on — you guessed it — computer hardware. It’s not a half-bad place to introduce an upgraded graphics card, so it makes sense that the Nvidia Super announcement would happen here.

Considering the price of Nvidia’s RTX line, you’ll probably have to take out a small loan to afford one of these new bad boys whenever the heck they’re made available. You can watch the Nvidia Super announcement for yourself below. See if you can decipher anything else from 16 seconds of video about the word “Super”. (I think if you squint and turn your head, you can kind of see a derpy bobcat.)