Shadow of the Colossus Is Getting a Ground-Up PS4 Remake

You may recall playing Shadow of the Colossus fairly recently; its PlayStation 3 edition spruced up a number of the original PS2 edition’s issues, including improved frame rate and a boost to native 720p resolution. Even so, it was far from a full-on, modernized remake, something Sony revealed it fully intends to tackle if the trailer from its E3 2017 press conference is any indication.

The remake is being handled by Bluepoint Games, known recently for similar projects such as Gravity Rush Remastered and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. The trailer for the new Shadow of the Colossus experience can be seen below.

Interestingly, Bluepoint also handled the aforementioned PS3 upscale, which raises questions regarding whether or not modernizing the same game twice takes a toll on a developer morale. Regardless, ideally the team’s familiarity with Team Ico’s classic will help not hamper, bringing the game’s unmistakable style, mood, and ominous style up to speed with a truly modern presentation.